About Us

Kristie is the owner/operator of The Leotard. She is the mother of two dancing girls. The idea of The Leotard was born after having trouble finding dance wear that was a little different for her daughters to wear. After watching American shows such as Dance Moms, and seeing all the beautiful dance outfits the girls were wearing, Kristie started looking for similar styles here with limited success, and decided to open an online store to help fill the gap. 

The primary brand that we carry is Details Dancewear. A stunning line of crop tops and dance shorts designed and made in San Diego, California, USA. Details Dancewear is a family run business that produces gorgeous dance wear from high quality materials. 

The Leotard opened in 2014 with goals to supply Australian dancers with high quality pieces that add a wow factor along with their day to day essential dancewear needs.  


The images on this site have been prepared by a number of photographers. The Details Dancewear photography copyright is owned by Sharkcookie photography, other photography used on the site is copyright Kristie Kha. All photographs have been used with each Authors' permission.